Planning Your Bathroom: Floor Cabinet or Wall?

dark bathroom floor cabinets

When remodeling a bathroom, you have a choice between a floor cabinet and a wall cabinet. It might not sound like a touchy decision, but there are some factors that will be helpful in determining whether a bathroom floor cabinet or a wall cabinet will be best suit your needs.

1. Size of Room

Remodeling a bathroom is one of those large projects that is quite invasive because you have many options available to you as you begin planning. Do you need extra room? Can you expand the bathroom? What type of fixtures do you want? Are you going to fill the room with a jacuzzi tub and a shower stall? Can you have a large vanity? Where is your storage going to be?

The options seem endless; however, you are limited. The available space you have in your bathroom is going to define what you can do and what you cannot do. The same goes for your cabinet decision.

A bathroom floor cabinet will take up valuable floor space. If you locate a storage cabinet along a wall, then you lose that wall for anything else you might like to add. Hanging your cabinet on the wall opens the room for more options, such as adding a jacuzzi tub or a small table.

2. Weight

white wall cabinet

There is always a consideration of what you will store in the cabinets. If there is too much weight, the cabinets will not be able to handle the load. Sheets, blankets, and a lot of towels can add up. If you have storage problems in other areas of the home and need to use the cabinet space in the bathroom, it can add extra weight. A bathroom floor cabinet would be a better option in this case. You are able to keep the heavy items near the bottom and there is no need to worry about the cabinet falling off the wall.

3. Disability

Some bathrooms are being remodeled because someone in the home is disabled. That alone can determine your bathroom cabinet needs. Most people who are confined to a wheelchair want to have some sort of freedom. If you plan to install wall mounted cabinets, they will not be able to reach the items inside.

Planning for bathroom floor cabinets will give the person a lot more freedom to be able to reach towels, sheets, or other items needed for taking a bath or shower.