Plans for a Full Bunk Bed

You can purchase the plans for all sorts of bunk bed designs, including a full bunk bed. Construction plans are designed for a novice builder and are written in step-by-step directions with illustrations.

Hardware Included with Bunk Bed Plans

Most bunk bed plans include the hardware for building the kit. This will include corner brackets, screws, bolts and any other specific hardware used in the construction. You will have to furnish the wood and supply your own basic carpentry tools, but the mounting equipment is part of the package.

Bunk Beds Are Easy to Assemble

Plans offer clear instructions on how to make the bed assembly as easy as possible. Unless you are very experienced with building, follow the directions carefully. Make sure that each part used matches the description and part number of what is called for in the plans. Many pieces of hardware may look very similar, but using the wrong piece could mean taking it all apart later simply to swap out a single piece of hardware.

Designed to Be Sturdy

Full bunk bed plans are designed to be sturdy, so make sure that all screws or bolts are installed completely and that you have included all fasteners. If you follow the plans exactly, the bunk bed will not wobble or shake badly when pushed or pulled.

All pieces should fit snugly together without large gaps or unused screw and bolt holes. The completed project should be solid and should not have squeaks or rattles during ordinary use. Unless parts are specifically built to move, they should be securely fastened as the indicated.

Fast Assembly

Most full bunk bed plans can be fully assembled in a weekend or even a day. Actually putting the bed together will take far less time than preparing the wood for use. Depending on what lumber you start with, the preparation could including pre-cutting boards, drilling bolt holes or even staining or painting the material. Obviously, these are time-consuming tasks, and will increase the time it takes to assemble the bed dramatically.

Assembly Options Included

Most plans come with a set of assembly options. For example, the bed can be built in one of several mattress sizes, or it may be convertible to one or multiple bunks. Other options could include mounting a set of drawers, or a choice between using stairs or a ladder for top bunk access. These options will not affect the usability of the bed, but can add a tremendous amount of personalization.

Bunk Bed Value Is Hard to Beat

In any size or configuration, bunk bed plans are meant to make more efficient use of limited space. Children's bedrooms tend to be moderately sized, and a bunk bed may be the best possible solution for multiple children. For cost and convenience, a wooden bunk bed built from a professional set of plans is often the best choice for a variety of reasons.