Plant a Peach Seed: Indoor Germination

To germinate peach seeds successfully, you need to have a selection of seeds to ensure success; some peach seeds are very reluctant to germinate.

Step 1 - Collect the Seeds

If you can find out the variety of the peach, it can give you an idea of how likely it is to sprout. Many hybrids do not produce seeds that germinate easily. It is also important to remember that the seed won’t necessarily produce the same fruit as that which it came from. Peach seed planting is a bit like a mystery tour.

Step 2 – Prepare the Soil

Make up a good mix of soil. One third peat one third sand and one third garden compost is a good rich mixture that will serve very well. The soil needs to be in pots with drainage holes about 8 inches high and 8 inches in diameter.

Step 3 – Prepare the Seed

Some seeds need to have a winter before they can germinate. You can simulate winter by putting the seed in a fridge for a few hours or by putting it in a plastic bag and floating it in iced water.

Step 4 – Plant the Seeds

Put one peach seed into each pot. Plant them in the middle of the pot and water it. Keep the pot moist but not wet. Keep the pots in a cool dry place.

Step 5 – Germination

After about eight weeks you should see the first signs of germination. Bring the pots up into full daylight and let the seedlings have all the sunshine they can get. Make sure not to over-water the seedlings as they grow.

Step 6 – Transplant the Seedlings

The seedlings will need to be transplanted into an area where they can grow. Prepare the soil bed the same as for the pot; one third peat, one third sand and one third compost. Slide each seedling out of its pot and simply place it into the soil you have prepared. Try not to disturb the roots at all. The seedlings might seem to stop growing for a week or two but that is nothing to worry about. The seedlings should soon pick up and grow taller. In the second year, the seedlings will be recognizable as small trees. If you have blossom in the second year, you should have peaches off your own tree.