Plant Apple Tree Seeds with Successful Results

What You'll Need
Empty 2 Liter Soda Bottle
Utility Knife
Duct Tape

If you want to plant apple tree seeds which grow up healthy, direct your attention to the dependability of germinating seeds in a simple terrarium. Follow the steps given below and you can grow a strong and healthy apple tree.

Step 1- Saving and Drying Seeds

You can plant apple trees from seeds you save yourself. Simply remove the seed from an apple and place them in a window sill for 2 to 3 weeks. As they dry, the seeds will fade in color, a result of the moisture evaporating. Once the seeds are dried, score them very lightly with a coarse sand paper, but be careful not penetrate them

Step 2- Germinating Apple Seeds

Cut the top 1/3 of the soda bottle off and set it aside. Fill the bottom portion of the bottle with sifted composted and moisten it well. Place 3 seeds per bottle, and plant them approximately 1/2 inch deep. Moisten the soil again and then place the top of the bottle over the bottom so that it overlaps the bottom section. Use duct tape to seal the two pieces together. Seeds should begin sprouting within 3 to 5 days, though it may take longer. If necessary, spray a mist of water through the bottle top and replace the cap. Remove all but one seedling in each container.

Step 3- Encouraging Apple Tree Sprouts

Starting apple trees is easier in loose soil. Once the seeds have germinated, remove the top of the bottle and allow the seedlings to grow in the rich soil for 3 to 6 months, or until the roots begin to contact the inner sides of the container. Ample nutrients and loose, damp soil are the secret to young plant growth.

Step 4- Soil Preparation

Before planting, condition the soil. Loosen an area of ground 2 feet per side and about 18 inches deep. Mix in about a gallon of sifted compost, 1/4 cup of cotton seed meal, and 2 tablespoons of lime or gypsum. Moisten the soil thoroughly and then mix it again.

Step 5-  Planting the Apple Sapling

Using your hands, dig a hole for the seedling that is approximately the size of the container it was grown in. Hold the seedling by the stem with your palm facing the roots of the plant, and turn the soda bottle upside down, lightly shaking the soil out and the plant with it. Place the plant upright in the hole and pack the soil firmly.

Step 6- Post-Planting Care

For the first 2 weeks after planting the seedling, water it every evening. make sure that soil remains moist by covering it with old newspaper. As the tree becomes established, the newspaper can be shredded into the soil, and will provide additional plant food as it decomposes.