Plant Stand Design Innovations

Plant stands are available in a wide variety of designs, colors and finishes. These garden accessories makes plant decorating much more enjoyable and convenient.


Plant stands come in a wide variety of colors. Choose from light pastels to bold and bright colors. Wood stands are made from many different species, and there are several different shades of metal, aluminum and iron stands. You can also easily paint most plant stands to complement the colors of your home or garden.

Humidifier Trays

Some plant stand tables now include built-in humidity trays. Just add water and give your plants the extra moisture they need. This is ideal for tropical plants.


Plant stands range from very large and elegant to small and discreet. Different varieties are designed for different functions:

  • Aquatic plant stands allow you to enjoy water plants without the need for an entire pond.
  • Adjustable plant stands adjust to any desriable height beneath a window or behind a flower bed.
  • Multi-level and multi-tiered plant stands allow you to display many plants at once.
  • Folding plant stands save on storage space when not in use.

Multi-Purpose Plant Stands

Plant stands can now be used for more than just one purpose. Some are fitted with wheels so that they double as dollies for particularly large plants. Others include birdbath features.

Outdoor Plant Stands

You can choose from a wide variety of weather-resistant plant stands designed for use outdoors. These also come in wood and metal designs, built and protected to withstand the test of time.