Tips and Tricks for a Magnificent Rose Garden

 It should come as no surprise that to many gardeners, roses are king. Roses hav It should come as no surprise that to many gardeners, roses are king. Roses have long been beloved for their wonderful scents, their vibrant colors and their majestic beauty. It is no accident that the rose is considered to be a timeless symbol of love and commitment, and it is no wonder so many new gardeners dream of creating a magnificent garden full of luxurious and brightly blooming roses.

Many of these new gardeners may assume that growing roses is something only the expert gardeners can do, but in fact nothing could be further from the truth. While there are certainly some varieties of roses that can challenge even the expert gardener, there are many more that are quite suitable for the beginning gardener. The key is to understand the different varieties of roses, and to carefully follow the care tips you are given.

For those beginning gardeners considering taking a stab at growing roses, take full advantage of the resources you have available. The local library is a veritable treasure trove of information on growing roses, as is the Internet. Learn as much as you can from expert rose growers, and to use that expert advice to get a jump on the business of growing roses.

It is also important to determine how much space you have available to devote to growing roses. Some gardeners will want to devote their entire garden to roses, while others will want to find a suitable corner for a rosebush or two. Look at your landscape as a whole, and carefully consider how roses can be used to beautify and enhance your landscape.

As you look at the area you have to work with, keep in mind that there are many different kinds of roses, and that not every rose will be appropriate for every location. For instance, there are many climbing varieties of roses that can be the perfect accents for fences, trellises, entranceways and other elements in the outdoor landscape. There are also a number of low growing roses that are perfect accents to shrubs and other elements in the landscape.

As you decide which types of roses to plant, consider how large they can grow. Some varieties of roses will grow very large, and therefore need lots of space to look their best. Other varieties of roses, including miniature roses, are perfect for smaller spaces, or even for growing indoors. It is important to consider the adult sizes of the roses you choose in order to ensure sufficient space.

After you have determined which types of roses will work best, think about colors as well. Color is an important consideration in all aspects of gardening, and certainly an important one when it comes to roses. If, for instance, the roses will be planted in front of your home, choose colors that will compliment the color of the home exterior. In addition, many gardeners find that combining colors of roses can create a lovely pattern when planting rose bushes. For instance, alternate plantings of red and white roses can provide a stunning contrast and enhance virtually any landscape. For a more subdued look, you may want to choose pastel shades, such as blues, yellows and peaches.

As you plant those new rose bushes, consider what to place around the bases of the bushes. The bases of rose bushes can be strikingly bare and unattractive, so it's a good idea to use a selection of other plants to hide the bases of the bushes. When choosing such plants, choose flowers that will blend in well and serve as a compliment to the roses themselves. A low growing purple flower, for instance, would be striking as an accompaniment to a pink rose bush. In addition, pink or white flowers would be a good compliment to a bush full of bright red roses.

After you have your beautiful roses in place, it is important to care for them properly, carefully following the recommendations made by the staff of the nursery or garden center, as well as the information you have found in your research. As with any new pursuit, growing the perfect roses will take some time and some practice, but the results will be well worth the effort.