Planting and Growing Rose Trees in Pots

Growing rose trees in pots is an alternative way to beautify areas of your house where planting on the ground is impractical, like patios and walkways. Follow the simple steps below to effectively grow rose trees in pots.

Finding the Perfect Spot

When planting a rose, you have to select an area where it can get at least 4 to 5 hours of sunlight in a day. It is also important to make sure that there are no other shrubs, climbers or trees in the area that might interfere with the growth of your tree.

Choosing the Soil Type

It is important that the soil is fresh because roses are delicate plants. They do not grow in soil where an older rose bush has already grown in. Moreover, you need the a right soil mixture with three parts: a quarter garden compost (peatmoss), a quarter weed-free soil, and half perlite. To finish off this mixture, add bonemeal to the top layer of the soil.

Transferring the Rose Bush

When transferring a rose bush, make sure to gently remove the rose bush from the ground where it is currently planted. Never get the rose bush away from the soil ahead of time and for too long. Use only a hand trowel in digging the soil so as not to damage the rose bush’s roots.

Planting Properly

After the bush has been transferred from the soil into the pot, the rose’s crown must be planted slightly deeper into the soil than how it was previously planted on the ground. The rose’s bud or crown should at least be an inch under the soil.

Watering the Rose

Ideally, roses need an inch of water every week. Sprinkle a little daily, but make sure that you do not drown the plant. Keep in mind that potted roses drain water faster than roses planted on the ground, especially when the soil where it is planted is a light potting soil. However, never place a dish that could catch water under the pot as roses do not grow well when they are standing in water. Rose plant also need more water during the summer or spring, and less during the winter season.


Roses need tender loving care to grow big and beautiful flowers with vibrant colors. Hence, cultivating it is necessary. However, no other fertilizer must be used on a new rose bush other than bonemeal. Putting fertilizer should be done during the roses’ growing season. Avoid cultivating it during dormant season.


Rose trees need to be pruned once in a while to promote bloom and growth. When pruning, remove old and dead branches. Pruning also improves air circulation. However, proper timing is needed when you prune your rose trees. Some variants of roses must be pruned only on a specific season.