Planting And Growing Tiger Lilies

Tiger lilies are a great way to spice up your home garden. A tiger lily can grow to up to four feet tall and produce a beautiful orange and black blossom that provides a unique cross of colors. Tiger lily flowers are also produced on multiple parts of the plant, not just one blossom per plant. These plants are very safe and easy to grow in almost any home garden.

What Is Needed To Grow Tiger Lilies?

Your common tiger lily flower will blossom in early to mid summer. Bulbs need to be planted at a depth of three times their height, and must be at least a bulb width and a half apart. Tiger lilies also need plenty of sunshine, often up to six hours per day. This makes them popular in areas where a lot of sunshine is common. Most tiger lilies prefer to have more water than other plants, often requiring up to one inch of water per week. It is best to water the plants deeply once per week. Finally, a water soluble fertilizer is best used for these plants. A continuous release fertilizer that is used once per season is the perfect type to use.