Plants that Thrive in a Corner Plant Stand

Making the most out of the space you have in your home is critical to avoiding clutter, which is why many people use a corner plant stand to bring some greenery into their homes. A corner plant stand is easy to set up and it takes up a very small amount of space. People often plant a type of ivy in corner plant stands because the vines can then grow freely while being tucked away in a corner without getting in people’s way.


When you think of ivy, many people think of the lush green walls of Chicago's Wrigley Field in the summer time. While that type of ivy can grow well despite disgruntled bleacher bums throwing beer on it all summer, ivy generally does not grow well indoors. The key to growing ivy indoors, especially in a corner plant stand, is placing it in an area that receives plenty of light. Most corner plant stands can be placed in a corner near windows in order to get more natural sunlight during the day. Since ivy tends to grow toward light sources, these types of plants thrive in corner plants stands.

Flowers and Ferns

Other plants, such as some indoor flowers and ferns, can thrive in corner plant stands as long as they are cared for and get enough light. One reason they can thrive is that corner plant stands allow you to have space to provide artificial light sources if necessary. When plants are placed in the corner, you can set up a lamp to provide extra light if natural sunshine is not adequate. This allows you to grow plants other than ivy in corners, though ivy can grow well because of the tendency of its vines to seek light sources.

Maintaining Vines

Fortunately, ivy vines do not require a great deal of work. They often soak up water from humidity in the air, so it is best to spray them once a day in addition regularly watering the soil they are planted in. Ivy vines should be trimmed so they do not overgrow and crawl across the floor but be sure you do not trim any vines that are using a light source for food. As far as temperature goes, you probably want to have corner ivy plants in the coolest room of the house. While ivy vines like humidity, they do not like an abundance of heat.

Ivy vines should grow in a room that is around 60 degrees at night but they may grow best in an enclosed sun porch that provides the perfect amount of light, temperature, and natural humidity in the air.