Plastering Tools

If you acquire the proper plastering tools, plastering a wall can be so much easier. Here are some of the essential plastering tools you will need if attempting to plaster a wall yourself.

Essential Plastering Tools

One of the must have plastering tools is a plastering float. You simply cannot complete a plastering job without one of these plastering tools. It is used to apply the plaster and smooth out the surface.

Another of the “can’t do without” plastering tools is a very large bucket. It is important that plastering tools of this sort are completely clean and dry so that nothing unwanted ends up in the plaster. Be sure to clean out the bucket and your plastering tools between each batch of plaster so that no plaster is allowed to harden inside.

A plasterer’s hawk is another one of the plastering tools you should be sure to have on hand. It is rectangular shaped metal tray with a handle beneath that allows you to have easy access to small amounts of plaster at a time.

If you plan to be mixing a good deal of plaster, another one of the plastering tools to be sure and use is a mixer drill. This makes mixing the plaster much easier and smoother than trying to mix it by hand. Think of this as mixing cake batter with an electric mixer instead of a spoon.