Plastic Garage Storage: Pros And Cons

Plastic garage storage may represent a practical and efficient solution for your storage needs. However, you should first consider the pros and cons of plastic first.

Pros of Plastic

Versatility: Plastic is a very versatile material. You can find a huge variety of shelves, bins, organizer systems totes, buckets and cabinets made of different kinds of plastic.

Weight: Metal or wood composite storage in a garage has to be carefully installed so that it is safe and doesn’t compromise the structure of the building. Because it is light-weight, plastic doesn’t present the same concerns.

Cleaning: Cleanup is easy with plastic garage storage. Plastic is not damaged by water, and wipes clean easily with a damp cloth. Removable storage units can simply be sprayed down with a hose, dried and returned to use.

Cons of Plastic

Strength: Plastic is not the strongest material for storage. You may want to store heavy tools, sporting goods, or mechanical equipment in your garage. Plastic is too weak to support these items for long periods. Even the sturdier plastic cabinets are not as strong as wood or steel.

Durability: Over time, plastic shelving and bins tend to bow and bend under a heavy weight.

Breakability: Plastic can be broken and punctured. Hard plastic is particularly susceptible to breaking, but even more flexible plastics break fairly easily.