Plastic Pegboard Makes for Convenient Garage Storage

Plastic pegboard is an alternative to traditional particle pegboards which offers the same functionality but reduces some of the problems. Plastic pegboard offers a higher weight capacity than standard pegboard and it is water proof and sun resistant. This means it is a more practical option in situations where water exposure may happen.

Using Plastic Pegboards to Organize

A plastic pegboard is an excellent tool to organize the garage. Through the use of one or more plastic pegboards and pegboard hooks you can hang a large percentage of your tools from the wall. This not only helps to organize your garage but it also provides easier access to many of your tools than a toolbox. Installing a plastic pegboard in the garage involves nothing more than attaching studs to the wall and attaching the pegboard to the studs.

Where Can You Get Plastic Pegboard

Plastic pegboard is manufactured by a few companies including Pegmaster and Pegpanel. It can be found in most local hardware stores along with online hardware retailers.