Platform Beds 101

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A platform bed is a bed that doesn’t require a bed frame, but instead, the mattress rests on a platform. Sometimes people purchasing platform beds will use a box spring mattress along with a regular mattress. Since the full support of the flat plane comprising the bottom of the platform bed, or else the underneath slats, which is the alternate method of support, a box spring mattress isn’t needed.

A platform bed often uses a foam mattress, such as the popular memory foam, or futons. A futon bed is a style or type of platform bed.

Traditional Platform Bed

Traditional platform beds are designed to recreate a look in furniture of another period, such as early Mission-style beds, with a more modern look to them. The headboards often will have scrollwork within the headboard, copying the style found in older traditional platform bed frames.

The Japanese tatami mat is thought to be one influence for the popularity of platform beds, because of the relative lowness to the floor and the sleek, unencumbered design.