Pneumatic Hammers

Pneumatic Tool

Pneumatic hammers are usually used to carve out rock to engrave stones. They are powered by air and chip away at rock with much more speed, but less precision, than chisels. Pneumatic hammers are not difficult to operate as long as you have a steady hand and creative ideas.

Practice Using It

To start practicing, select a medium sized rock about 3x5" for your first try. Use a marker or chalk to write your name across the rock. Use simple letters and space them out as much as possible. Adjust the PSI to the specifications and connect the hammer to the air compressor. Trace the letters of your name with the pneumatic hammer’s tip to get a good feel of how to use the machine.

Pneumatic Hammer Safety Tips

The most undesirable consequence of pneumatic hammers is the dust. Unlike chisels, pneumatic hammers cause a lot of dust and sometimes kick up large chips of rock as well. It is necessary to wear goggles, gloves, and a face mask while operating to protect yourself. Try very hard to not inhale the dust, which is bad for your lungs.