Pneumatic Hammers: Basic Maintenance Tips

Pneumatic hammers are not fussy machines and require little maintenance to stay in working condition. A few small maintenance tasks, however, will keep your pneumatic hammer humming and may increase the lifespan of the hammer itself.

These four tasks will keep your pneumatic hammer in good working order.

Clean Air Supply

The air supply to the hammer is crucial to the performance of the hammer. Most people fail to clean out the air hose that supplies the air to the tool. Many fail to realize that debris and dust can get into the air hose, which slows air flow and may block it altogether.


Lubrication is key to the pneumatic hammer, simply because it needs to be able to move. Oil the lubrication point with a couple of drops of oil at least once a week. Some people recommend that the tool be lubricated before, or after, every use. The lubrication can dry out easily because of the hammers' rapid movements. Failure to properly lubricate your hammer may slow its operation and may even cause damage itself. Be sure to use hand-piece oil for your pneumatic hammers.

Proper Hose Fittings

Supplying clean air is key to a working pneumatic hammer. Getting the right amount of air is crucial to getting the power that you need. The only way to ensure both of these things is to use the proper hose fittings. Using fittings that are too small, or hoses that are too small, could damage your hammer. It can also cause you to lose pressure and then power, making your project less efficient.

Keep Air Pressure

While you may want a stronger hammer, turning up the air pressure is not the way to go. By messing with the air pressure, you could be under or overloading the pneumatic hammer. By lowering the pressure, you could be getting a less effective hammer motion. By raising the pressure past the recommended level, you could be pushing the pneumatic hammer past the  safety point.  For maintenance, always check the pressure level before you start and adjust it  accordingly.

While pneumatic hammers real work horses, they do require basic maintenance. By taking the time to clean the air supply and oil the joint, you can be sure that the tool will stay in working condition for a long time. By being careful with the proper hose fittings and air pressure, you can ensure the efficiency and life of your pneumatic hammer. Taking all of these tips into account is key to keeping your pneumatic hammer in the best condition possible.