Pneumatic Staple Gun vs Electric Staple Gun

A staple gun a white background.

A pneumatic staple gun is a tool commonly used in construction. It resembles a gun with a trigger and a cartridge. The gun is fueled by compressed air. It is used to drive staples into a work surface. The staples are driven into the work surface quickly and accurately. This makes it a convenient means of bonding items. Also very useful is the electric staple gun, which works like a pneumatic gun except that it is fueled by electricity. Below are the advantages and drawbacks of each.

Pros of Pneumatic Staple Gun

Pneumatic staplers are more of a high-performance tool than electrical staplers. This is because they accomplish work in less time than electrical tools. Pneumatic tools utilize a turbine system for operation. It makes the repair of tools much easier than electric types. Maintenance for pneumatic tools is also easier which makes them a low maintenance tool. This contributes to the durability of pneumatic staplers. Since pneumatic staplers operate on compressed air, it helps keep running costs low.

Cons of Pneumatic Staple Gun

The air compressors attached to the staple gun can be heavy and bulky. Although the pneumatic gun is portable, weighty compressors make mobility difficult. Pneumatic tools cause more safety concerns than electric tools. The compressed air that drives pneumatic tools must wok with a proper hosting system. Where hosing is not well regulated, it poses a risk to those working with the equipment as well as nearby persons.

Much aggravating noise is generated by a staple gun. Operators must wear hearing protection to prevent ear damage. Steel-toe boots must also be worn to protect your feet and toes. The hose can get entangled especially if it is long. It could also trip one resulting in an accident. A lot of oil is needed to lubricate pneumatic staple guns during operation to enable smooth operations. This can cause a messy situation.

Pros of Electric Staple Gun

It is more affordable than its pneumatic counterpart. One can acquire the tool for use in various home improvement projects without being restricted by cost. Electric staple guns are smaller than the pneumatic range. They also weigh much less and have fewer parts and accessories which makes portability easier. The smaller size also works better when working with thin or breakable material. It doesn’t operate with the sheer force of the pneumatic gun, which allows it to be gentler with lighter materials. Safety risks associated with the electric staple gun are fewer than the pneumatic gun. This makes the electric gun more suitable for domestic use.

Cons of Electric Staple Gun

The gun requires electricity to function. Power disruptions will stall work delaying the time taken to complete projects. Unless you have a standby generator you’ll be unable to utilize your electric stapler during power cuts. The fact that they’re powered by electricity adds to running costs. Should usage of the electric gun be high, you must be prepared for high utility bills as well. Electric staple guns have a high break down rate, especially when heavily utilized.