Polished Travertine Tile Care and Maintenance

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Travertine tiles are made with limestone. It is commonly known as travertine marble or travertine limestone and is usually polished. Travertine tiles are a favorite choice among designers because of their exquisite colors and textures. Travertine has a natural beauty that can accent homes nicely. It contains natural imperfections, such as depressions and cavities, which give it its character. This makes proper care and maintenance of travertine tiles a little more challenging.

Regular Sweeping and Cleaning

Polished travertine tile can lose its shine due to dust and soil. Sweeping, dry-mopping, and vacuuming regularly can prevent the pits of the tiles from collecting dust. It is highly recommended to place floor mats or rugs in entryways to keep the dirt out. Clean regularly. Mop the floor with a cleaner for travertine or mild cleaner. Then, mop again with clear water to prevent residue buildup. Wipe the floor with a dry mop or towel to avoid streaking.

Use Household Cleaners Which Contain Acid

Travertine tiles are etched easily by acids and stain easily. These substances remove the shine from polished travertine. Protect the tiles from acids with household cleaners that do not contain acid. To protect the tiles from being stained, use water-based cleaners or penetrating sealers. Use a wet cloth to wipe any spills immediately.