Polyurethane Foam Dangers and Health Risks

One of the most common materials used in furniture and mattresses is polyurethane foam. While it is very comfortable and durable, it has also come under fire because of health problems. Here are a few things that you will want to consider about the health risks and dangers that polyurethane foam presents.

Harmful Chemicals

The biggest problem with polyurethane foam is that it is not a natural product. In order to produce it, the manufacturer has to use many harsh chemicals. Whenever you are dealing with powerful chemicals, there are unique health risks.

Breathing the Chemicals

A new study has shown that breathing the chemicals from polyurethane foam can be dangerous. This is especially true for infants sleeping on a new mattress. During the study, scientists utilized lab rats to breathe in the fumes for a certain period of time. In the rats, it was shown that during many of the breaths, it caused irritation and decreased airflow.

For parents that have children with asthma or cancer, you want them to be able to breathe freely and easily. By subjecting them to a polyurethane mattress or furniture, you may be inhibiting this ability.