Polyurethane Foam vs. Fiberglass Insulation: How to Measure the Difference

Polyurethane foam is a type of insulation that is often a popular option for insulating homes. But many people wonder if it really is all that much better than fiberglass insulation that is commonly used and much more affordable for the regular home owners. So which is really better? Here is a look at how to measure or tell the difference between polyurethane foam and fiberglass insulation.

Which is Cheaper?

Fiberglass is cheaper in the short term, as it does not cost as much as polyurethane foam and does not require a fireproof coating that polyurethane does.

Polyurethane foam is higher priced than fiberglass and it cost more to install, so it follows safety codes.

Both do insulate well and therefor save you money in the long run. However, polyurethane foam will take you longer to recoup the savings due to the cost in the first place.

Which Would be Safer?

Polyurethane foam is highly flammable and even with the coating it could still pose a threat. With fiberglass you will need to wear gloves and a mask just as a precaution. In reality both can pose threats, so you will have to pick which one is best for your home.

They both can work for all sizes and types of attics and walls, the only 2 real differences are what they are made of and cost. Do your research before to make the best choice for yourself and your loved ones.