Pond Algae Bloom Prevention Steps

Pond algae bloom is one of the larger problems that pond owners will encounter when maintaining their ponds. While there may be no magic fix for algae blooms, there are several steps that can be taken in order to prevent the bloom from occurring.

Steps to Prevent Algae Bloom

Step 1- First, take a look at your pond structure. By making sure that your pond is at least three feet deeper than the waterline, you actually prevent excessive amounts of sunlight from penetrating the bottom of the pond. As sunlight is important for algae to grow, reducing the pond’s exposure can work against algae.

Step 2- Second, take effective measures to cut down nutrients in or near the pond. You see, algae blooms are basically caused by too much nutrients available to algae. By providing a buffer zone that separates the pond from your garden or lawn, you disallow fertilizers and other food sources to benefit algae. You must also clean your pond regularly to take out any decomposing organic objects that can serve as algae food.

Step 3- Finally, put fish in your pond that will make a meal out of algae. Carps are known to feed on soft algae. With herbivorous fish, you have live anti-algae measures in place that will make sure these microscopic plants cannot bloom out of proportion.

With these steps, you'll be able to prevent the algae in your pond from overpopulating and keep the ecosystem of your pond stable.