Pond Landscaping Design Ideas

Landscaping the pond outside your home will increase the appeal of your home in several ways. But, this requires a lot of planning and you will need accessories to give your pond area a great look, feel and atmosphere. Your pond will contain living and nonliving things and will be the center of attraction when people meet at your home. Here, we talk of a few ways in which you can landscape your pond better.

Lay Out an Initial Plan

How large an area do you have for your pond? How are you going to populate it? What are you going to accessorize it with—live rocks, aquatic ferns, pebbles, etc. could be great additions. How will you place your lighting? Do you want a static pond or a pond that has a motorized bubbling system or something similar added to it? There are a lot of designs you could pick up from the Internet itself. Any home improvement magazine could have some good ideas as well. Do not hesitate to visit a local home improvement store and talk to people there, especially if they stock pond landscaping products.

The Plants

Plants will add an amazing amount of detail to your pond landscape design. They will provide natural food for some of the life-forms in the pond and they will add to the overall esthetic effect. Choose plants with care. If you have your pond in the shade, you could best choose different kinds of water lilies such as Virginia, Texas Dawn, Indiana or Comanche. Some other plants include Cardinal Flower, Corkscrew Rush, taros and certain varieties of mints.

Shading of the Pond

There are several different ideas for shade around your pond. You wouldn't think that shading your pond would be a good idea, but as you sit out watching the kids, or having some people over for entertaining, shade will be greatly needed.

Shade for your pond landscape design can be trees that are planted along the south side of the pond. You can also use custom pergolas, arbors and tiki huts if your design allows. You can also find a special shade to stretch across your pond.


Fencing is important to your pond landscaping for many reasons. It provides safety if there are small children near the pond, as well as privacy. Fences can also come in a wide variety of materials and structural types.

A wood fence is great for keeping your pond area natural looking, while stone will add a more integrated look into your landscaping. An ornate metal fence will add elegance and style to the entire backyard.


Pond lighting adds a powerful impact to your pond design. Both perimeter lights and underwater lights can be used to provide a great place to swim at night. There are many decorative lights to choose from and even add color for more appeal.

Unique Touches

Pond landscape design is only limited to your imagination. You can design your pond area to include waterfalls, spas, eating areas or recreational items such as slides and basketball nets. Design your pond the way that will fit in with your overall landscape design, as well as the needs of your family.