Pond Waterfall Building Step-By-Step

A pond waterfall.
  • 3-5 hours
  • Advanced
  • 500-1,500
What You'll Need
Pond lining
Rocks/other materials for water cascade
Ice cream tub/flower pot (for housing the tubing)
Waterproof cable and shutoff system

Pond waterfall building need not be an intimidating do-it-yourself task if you plan the job carefully and follow these simple instructions.

Step 1 - Decide on the Design and the Location of Your Waterfall

If possible, make use of a natural gradient in your garden when deciding where to put your pond waterfall. This will save you time and effort and give the impression that the waterfall belongs to the landscape.

The design you choose should depend on the rest of your garden. If stone from the garden is already on the site and available, then this would be ideal. For the purposes of these instructions, it is assumed that you will be making a natural stone waterfall.

Step 2 - Check That you Have all of the Materials

Gather all the materials you need before beginning.

Step 3 - Dig the Pond

Make sure that the pond is deep enough to sustain any fish you plan to install. Place the lining inside the hole and weigh it down with rocks to disguise it for the time being. Eventually plants will grow over it and make it fit into the garden.

Step 4 - House the Tubing

If you have not got a spare flower pot, turn over an empty ice cream tub and make a hole in the bottom. Feed the pump tubing up through the hole in the container, leaving a small amount protruding. This will be your waterfall. Ensure that you have left enough tubing between the pond and the waterfall. Then collect the materials for the actual cascading structure.

Step 5 - Create the Cascading Structure

When you are confident that your tubing is in the right place, the next step in pond waterfall building is to make the pond waterfall’s cascading structure by choosing a flat rock to place underneath the protruding tube. It is helpful if you can find a rock with a natural channel to minimize the amount of water you will lose through splashing away. However, if a natural channel does not exist, make a small one with a chisel. Then clad the plastic container with natural rocks to hide it.

Step 6 - Perform a Trial Run

Fill the pond and place the submersible pump into it. Then plug in the device and test it, to make sure that the cascading structure gives the desired effect.