Pool Chlorine Tablets: Pros and Cons

A pool.

For small residential pools, using pool chlorine tablets may be an effective solution for proper salinity. It may be better to install a chlorine generator, which provides better results, and doesn't require a device that is constantly floating around the pool. To help you understand the decision better, here are some pros and cons for using tablets.

Pros: Chlorine Tablets

There are many types and styles of floating pool chlorinators to choose from. You even use your mementos or other household items. Chlorine tablets are also a lot more convenient. All you do is put a tablet in the chlorinator, and drop it in the pool.

Cons: Chlorine Tablets

Many people do not like to add chlorine directly. Using a generator to create it uses salt, and that is much more gentle on the skin. Chlorinators will begin to deteriorate over time. Most are made from plastic and the mix of chlorine and ultraviolet light cause the material to break down. Also, if a tablet falls to the bottom of the pool and is left there, it could cause the color of a pool liner to fade, leaving an ugly blemish.