Pool Pump Motor Replacement

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-300
What You'll Need

The pool pump motor drives the hardest-working machine in your swimming pool system. Even the highest-quality pool pump motors eventually wear out. You can replace just the motor without the cost of a whole new pump.

If you are experienced at configuring electrical wires, you can do this job yourself in an hour or two. But if you are the least bit unsure, protect yourself and all your pool users by having a licensed, trained pool technician or electrician replace the motor. Obtain the correct replacement motor from where you purchased the pool pump.

Step 1 - Disconnect the Power Supply to the Pool Pump

Ensure the pool pump's power switch is off. Shut off the breaker in the electrical panel box for the pool pump, too.

Step 2 - Open up the Pool Pump and Detach the Motor Mount Bracket

Find the motor mounting bracket which holds the pool pump motor in place. It is usually under the strainer basket housing which holds the filter basket and all the plumbing ports. Release and remove the bolts that attach the motor mount bracket to the strainer basket housing.

Detach the pool pump motor from the strainer basket housing. A separate item, the volute, which controls water used to prime the pump, will be nearby. Leave it in the pump for now.

Step 3 - Lift out the Pool Pump Motor

Grasp the motor and its mount bracket firmly and pull them out. Check the gasket or O-ring seal that is between the motor mount bracket and the strainer basket housing. Replace it if it has rips, worn spots or no longer seats deeply into its location.

Step 4 - Examine and Detach the Electrical Wiring Inside the Motor

Find the copper ground wire and disconnect it. Undo the electrical cover plate on the motor. Examine the wiring. The green-covered wire is the ground wire. Two more wires, any color but green are the leads. Detach all three wires from their fastenings.

Next, release the conduit, the sheath that covers the wires connecting the motor to the power switch or box. Undo a compression nut attached to an adapter. Save the adapter if you wish to reuse it, as the new motor may not have one. Detach these power switch wires from the motor.

Step 5 - Disengage the Impeller

Take the volute off if it is on top of the impeller. Next, find the impeller shaft end at the opposite side of the motor. Flip open its cover plate. Use either a box wrench or screwdriver to undo and remove the impeller in a turning motion, opposite to the direction the impeller vanes rotate. Find and note the location of the pool pump seal, usually a gasket or O-ring. Replace this seal when you replace the motor.

Step 6 - Remove the Motor from the Motor Mount Bracket

Release the nuts that hold the motor mount bracket and pull out the bolts.

Step 7 - Install the New Motor

Install the new motor into the pool pump system.

Step 8 - Restore Electricity

Turn electricity to the pump back on. Your motor should now be working properly.