Pool Stains: How to Remove Pool Liner Stains

What You'll Need
Chlorine Tablets
Pool Liner Brush
Vitamin C Tablets
Metal Stain Remover
Safety Glasses
Protective Gloves

As swimming pools are exposed to dirt and grime, residue can build up and cause pool stains. These stains on the lining of swimming pools look unsightly and can ruin the appearance of an otherwise sparkling pool. Removing pool stains can be achieved with a little hard work and by following some simple steps.

Step One - Purchase a Pool Liner Brush

You will need a pool liner brush, not only to scrub at the stains when cleaning the pool, but also to use on a regular basis to reduce the chances of stains from re-appearing on your pool. Do not use a standard household brush as it may damage the swimming pool liner. Purchase a brush especially made for cleaning swimming pools. They are relatively inexpensive and are available from most swimming pool spares stockists.

Step Two - Drain the Pool

Cleaning pool liner is most effective if the pool has been drained. If this is a feasible option, drain your swimming pool before you attempt to remove any stains.

Step Three - Remove the Pool Stains with the Brush

Stand at the side of the pool and brush at the stain firmly with the pool liner brush. Keep scrubbing until the worst of the stain is eventually removed. It is likely that only dirt stains will be fully removed using this technique. Stains caused by metallic reactions will be more difficult to remove and will require either chlorine tablets or a commercial metal stain remover.

Step Four – Dissolve the Chlorine Tablets

Before using the chlorine tablets, always make sure you wear safety goggles and protective gloves to protect your skin and eyes from the bleach in the chlorine. Read the instructions provided with the tablets and add the correct number of recommended individual tablets to the water. Leave the chlorine tablets several hours to dissolve into the water and to loosen the stains. Take the pool liner brush and scrub at the stains using a moderate level of pressure. The bleach in the chlorine should have softened the stains and they should remove fairly easily.

Step Five - Dissolve Vitamin C Tablets into the Water 

Vitamin C is a good natural stain remover and is less harsh and aggressive than many metal stain removing products. Therefore, before you use a metal stain remover, add vitamin C tablets to the water. Wait several hours for the tablets to dissolve and then scrub at the pool stains with the liner brush. The stains should come off immediately.

Step Six - Use a Metal Stain Remover

If the pool stains are not shifting, they are probably metal stains and will need a commercial metal stain remover to eradicate them. You can buy metal stain removers from most hardware stores and swimming pool outlets. Be sure to read the manufacturer's guidelines and follow the instructions, as different brands may have application procedures which vary slightly. Place the remover onto the pool stain and leave it for the recommended time. Next, scrub at it will the liner brush. As metal stain removers are acidic, wear protective glasses and gloves when handling them.

The amount of debris and dirt falling into a swimming pool can be drastically reduced by covering the pool with a pool cover. Also, metal stains are often caused by ladders being left in the pool. If your ladders are removable, be sure to remove ladders when the pool is not being used.