Pool Water Testing: How Often?

Pool water testing is vital for a sanitary and well functioning pool. How often you test the water in your pool depends on how heavily it is used and what you are testing for. Below are several types of test to keep on your schedule.


Chlorine sanitizes the water in your pool and prevents algae growth. In commercial pools, chlorine levels must be checked every hour. For your personal pool check the levels weekly at a minimum. During heavy use seasons, 2 to 3 times a week is better.


Check your pH when you check the chlorine levels. The effectiveness of the chlorine to sanitize your pool is highly influenced by the water pH. If one is outside of proper levels, it will affect the other.

Total Alkalinity

Total alkalinity influences the stability of your pH. However, this value need only be tested once a month.

Calcium Hardness

Calcium hardness is influenced by the local water and the chemicals you add to your pool. It should be tested monthly.

Total Dissolved Solids

This includes chemical reactions, dust, pollen and wastes. At too high a level, the total dissolved solids can effect the effectiveness of your pool chemicals. The levels should be checked monthly.