Pool Waterfall Pros and Cons

A pool with a waterfall.

A pool waterfall can be a great addition to your pool's ambience. It provides soothing sounds, splashing water at a cooler temperature than the pool water, and adds new landscaping to the pool area. However, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of a waterfall before committing to any purchases.

Pros of a Pool Waterfall

Along with your pool pump, a pool waterfall can help water circulate in the pool, keeping it cleaner. Many people love to play and bounce under the cascade as it falls into the pool. Water has a calming effect and you can enjoy the pool waterfall's motion and sound even when you are not swimming.

Cons of a Pool Waterfall

Problems that can arise from a pool waterfall include calcium and mineral deposits on the waterfall's rock base. These will make their way into the pool water. Pool chemicals can corrode the artificial rock support of the waterfall. If the pool waterfall is linked to the pool pump, drawing in pool water, evaporation may lower your pool water level below the skimmers. If not correctly installed, the waterfall pump can build up pressure against the pool wall, causing leaks and possible ruptures.

If you decide on a pool waterfall, have it professionally installed and pay attention to pool maintenance to prevent these problems.