Popular Bedroom Wall Paint Colors

Since your bedroom is a typically a place where you spend much of your time, the wall paint colors you choose should be on the top of your list of home improvement projects.

Where to Start

However, with so many different colors available today where does a homeowner begin? First, ask yourself what kind of look you are trying to achieve. Is it one of harmony? Solitude? Peace? Serenity? Energy?

Next, factor in your furnishings that are in the room already, are they Modern? Early American? Contemporary? Shabby Chic?

Once you decide what color and feeling you want to bring into your bedroom, head to the home improvement store to have your paint prepared.

Types of Paint

Be sure you know if you want the walls to appear shiny or matte and purchase the appropriate paint blend. If you are not sure, ask the paint professional at the store when you go in.

Of course, there are all kinds of shades to choose from and some are more popular than others. Here are a few of the latest trends and color schemes that are quickly making their way into the bedroom.

For Creating Calm

In an effort to create a calm in the bedroom, choose light blue shades like the sky or a Robin’s Egg blue. Blue is calming and cool and can put you in the right mood for relaxing.

For Creating Energy

If you want to feel some sort of energy in the bedroom opt for bolder colors like red, orange, and even yellow. These hues can bring a sense of fun and energy into the bedroom that will keep you on top of your game.

Solitude and Quiet

If you want a bedroom that is subtle and quiet, go for a pale white, beige or mauve. Each of these has a quiet calmness to lull you into a positive, quiet mood before and after sleep.

Down to Earth

If you want to feel close to the Earth but want something also trendy, stick with Earth-toned colors like light browns, greens, or purples. These are also known as jewel-toned colors and can help you feel close to nature.

Perfectly Plain

Want a modern ambiance? Stay with white or eggshell for a clean, crisp coolness in the bedroom.

Be an Eccentric

Feeling like ramping it up and bit and stepping out of the norm? Try a textured paint perhaps that might resemble suede in a rich color like chocolate brown. Keep in mind, the darker the wall color, the smaller the room will feel.

Project Patterns

Sometimes, patterns can be a unique statement that sets bedrooms apart. Try painting one wall a darker shade and the adjoining wall a few shades lighter.

Go Girly

If you want to feel feminine yet chic at the same time, a pale shade of pink can make you feel all girly inside. A darker shade of pink can make a bold statement and keep in mind that you might get sick of a Pepto-Bismol color after a while. You can us a lighter shade of pink on the walls and go with a bolder pink for the trim to break it up.