Popular Home Improvement Projects for 2022

wood deck with trellis roof and growing plants
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The beginning of each year, when we’re setting financial, travel, education, and personal growth goals, is a great time to also pen some home improvement projects you hope to complete during the year.

If you’re like most homeowners, the mental list is long, but success comes in precision, so pinpoint those tasks that are at the top of your priority list. Here are some popular choices to consider.

1. Patio Cover

Depending on how long your winter and summer seasons last, you either spend a lot of time dreaming about warmer days or enjoying them while trying to find shelter from the sun.

Adding a cover to your patio, deck, or porch adds visual appeal as well as shelter. However, there are a lot of variations to choose from. You can build a pergola that simply filters light or you can create a complete roof that extends off of the house.

2. Plant a Garden

Gardening is an enjoyable pastime for many people. It’s also the perfect way to put wholesome, healthy food on the table. However, getting started can be a deterrent in accomplishing the goal. Make this the year your garden grows with a plan to build raised beds or fence in a portion of the yard.

Garden planning starts early in the year, when spring offers the chance to prepare the soil and buy your seeds or plants. A few weeks to a few months later, you’ll be harvesting the goods.

3. Outdoor Pathway

stone path through grass and garden

While you’re working on the outdoor landscaping, map out the path from the house to the garden to the shed by replacing a muddy ground with more permanent materials.

Bark chips may handle the task, or look into crushed gravel as a more durable option. For a really long-lasting solution, install paver stones instead.

4. Paint the House

Freshening up the paint on your home can provide an entirely new look. It also serves as protection for your investment. If you have peeling paint, siding that needs replaced, or faded colors, plan to tackle the project this year.

Decide whether you’ll need to hire someone for all or part of the job. Evaluate whether you’ll need to rent or build scaffolding to reach the high areas. Start sorting through color options and get some samples to try out. Then watch for a series of dry days to get the job done.

5. Go Smart

It’s 2022. Smart homes are a current and future trend. You can start with a single device, such as a smart thermostat or you can link up the entire house to a central hub you control on your phone.

There are myriad smart devices out there that do everything from automate your shower experience to checking the inventory in your fridge. Consider lighting, outlets, appliances and cameras.

6. Switch to On-Demand Water Heaters

tankless water heater in stone shower

If your water heater is showing its age, consider switching to a tankless, on-demand water system instead of a central water heater. These systems heat the water as you use it and can be located under sinks and near the shower.

They save energy by only heating in real-time rather than constantly keeping water warm in the water heater tank even when you’re not using it.

7. Replace Screens

Fix or repair screen doors and windows this year. Not only will it upgrade the shabby and worn look of shredded screens, but it will keep the bugs out and the domesticated animals in. If the frame of the window or door is still in good condition, simply replace the screen materials.

If the frame is warped, cracked, or broken, rebuild or replace the entire unit.

8. Add or Renew the Deck

Give yourself more outdoor living space with a new deck, patio, or porch. Decide what material works best for your needs. You can pour a concrete pad, use paver stones, or build a deck.

If you already have a patio in place but it’s not meeting your needs, extend it, replace it, or build a deck over the top of it.

9. Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel or Update

These are the number one remodel projects for most homes. Primarily because they are highly-used spaces, but also because they show the best return on investment. If you have a bathroom or kitchen remodel on your wishlist, make 2022 the year it happens.