Porcelain Sink Touch Up Paint

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Resurfacing a porcelain sink can be a fairly costly, time consuming project that puts your sink out of commission for several days. If it is not in your budget, you can prolong the need to resurface or replace the sink and reduce the appearance of scratches by using porcelain touch up paint.

Porcelain Touch Up Paint

Porcelain sinks are sturdy, but over time they can become scratched with normal wear and tear. Sometimes the scratches and nicks are deep enough to let the metal show through, or a rusty-looking ring appears around the drain. Using abrasive cleaners scratches porcelain and wears down the protective coating, making the surface look drab and dull.

Porcelain touch up paint is brushed onto scratches and nicks to restore the surface and prevent rusty metal from showing through. It is available in several colors or your supply store can tint it to match your required color. Touch up paint can be purchased in small bottles or larger sizes depending on your needs.

Apply porcelain touch up paint to a clean, dry surface and allow it to dry for several hours. It lasts about a month before needing another application. This allows you to postpone resurfacing or replacement indefinitely without sacrificing the look of your sink.