Porcelain vs Black Kitchen Sinks

A black sink.

For those who want a trendy look in the kitchen, black kitchen sinks are the way to go. Generally, black sinks are available in granite or ceramic material. Porcelain is also a good material to use for kitchen sinks. In many homes, porcelain sinks are one of the hallmark features of the kitchen. Black sinks are a good alternative to porcelain sinks. However, it is helpful to have a general idea of what each type offers as well as the disadvantages. Below are the pros and cons of each.

Pros of Porcelain Sinks

It costs less to install a porcelain kitchen sink than a black sink. Porcelain material is widely available and has long been used for sink installations. The price range for porcelain sinks accommodates many people. This makes it an affordable option when it comes to kitchen sinks. Porcelain is generally a light-colored material. The light shades make it a good choice for those who prefer lots of light in the kitchen. The light shades of the kitchen sink enhance the natural lighting aspect in the kitchen. Dirt shows easily on porcelain, so it’ll never be too hard to know when you need to clean your sink. This will help you achieve a clean looking kitchen all the time.


Porcelain kitchen sinks are high maintenance. The frequent appearance of dirt necessitates more regular cleaning. Stains develop easily on porcelain sinks unlike black sinks. This means you’ll have to use cleaners and bleach more frequently to keep your sink clean. Scratches and marks also develop easily on porcelain sinks. Abrasive cleaners and scouring pads may easily leave marks on the sink surface. If too extensive, this spoils the appearance of your kitchen sink. A porcelain kitchen sink isn’t as durable as a black sink. Porcelain can chip easily because it is a brittle material. Hard knocks will cause your sink to chip away and lose its appeal. Frequent repair may be necessary thus adding to your maintenance costs. Porcelain sinks will not look good as long as black sinks. They are more of a delicate option when it comes to kitchen sinks.

Pros of Black Kitchen Sinks

Black is a sleek and trendy choice for the modern kitchen sink. If your kitchen appliances and countertops are black, a black sink blends perfectly with the décor. Black will give your kitchen a uniquely attractive appearance. Black sinks will also retain their appearance far longer than porcelain sinks. Black sinks are low maintenance. Dirt doesn’t show easily which makes it easier to have your kitchen looking good. Stains don’t form on black sinks and they’re also easier to clean. Porcelain kitchen sinks require a lot more maintenance. Black kitchen sinks rate highly for heavy-duty use. Black sinks are a good choice for those with young children in the house.


A black kitchen sink costs more to install than porcelain. A black sink doesn’t do much to help to light the kitchen and, should you decide to change your kitchen color scheme, you may be compelled to change the sink.