Pros and Cons of Portable Swamp Cooler

A swamp cooler on a roof.

A portable swamp cooler is technologically more sophisticated than an air conditioner, and it does not have the same disadvantages that air conditioners have. Swamp coolers use evaporation as a cooling process and even though it is called a swamp cooler, it has absolutely no connection to swamps. A swamp cooler has three alternative names: a wet air cooler, a desert cooler, or an evaporative cooler.

Advantages of Portable Swamp Coolers

Evaporational cooling is the great advantage of swamp coolers. It is the same process that occurs in nature and if you live somewhere by the sea or near a lake or river, evaporational cooling may be familiar to you. Hot air and cool air meet and try to neutralize one another. Warm air from the land can flow over the sea and evaporate water in order to cool itself. In a portable swamp cooler’s system, a fan draws the warm air from the environment and cools it in the same manner. However, you should not to buy a portable swamp cooler if you live in a humid atmosphere. Portable swamp coolers are highly recommended in areas where the air is arid.

Apart from the use of evaporational cooling, swamp coolers have several other advantages. They can be installed at a much cheaper cost than an air conditioner. Swamp coolers can cost as much as 80 percent less than air conditioners. For this reason, you would be saving both money and energy. Swamp coolers do not need a large amount of energy to work properly.

Another advantage of portable swamp coolers is the fact that they are free of pollutants, therefore they do not contaminate the air or the environment because they are using evaporation, the same cooling process used in nature. And portable swamp coolers can be moved from one room to another around the house.

Disadvantages Of Portable Swamp Coolers

A portable swamp cooler.

Portable swamp coolers may be better than air conditions in several aspects, but there are some other aspects where air conditions seem to have a greater use than swamp coolers. For example, if you live somewhere with high humidity, it is more appropriate to purchase an air conditioner rather than a portable swamp cooler. If a swamp cooler is used in a humid climate, it will cause the humidity to become a greater problem.

Another disadvantage of portable swamp coolers is that when the room has all its windows or doors closed, the humidity will rise even if the climate is dry. This may consequently cause health problems to the people who reside in that house. Swamp coolers can cause functional problems to electric devices in the room too, due to the increase of humidity in the air. You are highly advised to keep the room well-ventilated whenever you use a portable swamp cooler so that the humidity will not be retained in the room.