Potted Herb Garden vs. Yard Herb Garden

No matter where you grow it, an herb garden will enhance your home life in multiple ways. Besides adding an enhanced, fresh taste to your cooking, the herbs will provide health benefits and can often be used as potpourri as well. Choosing where to locate your herb garden is an important decision to make, so keep reading to help decide whether to grow an outdoor garden or an indoor potted garden.

Potted Herb Garden Advantages

The main reason why growing a potted herb garden is the control you have over the major elements that affect its growth. Most people who grow potted herb gardens will locate them in or near their kitchen to allow quick and easy access to them while cooking a meal; either way, they are generally kept indoors. This allows you to control everything from the amount of water the herbs receive to the type of weather conditions it will be dealing with. Growing indoors in pots and planters will avoid problems like constant weeds, bugs and animals, too much rain, extremely hot or cold weather, and bad soil. A major part of keeping a healthy herb plant is pruning and actually using the herbs, so keeping it indoors will allow it to become a quick and easy habit.

Potted Herb Garden Disadvantages

The major disadvantage of having a potted herb garden is the amount of space. Yes, you can go to the store and purchase twenty or thirty pots and planters, but it isn’t practical or economical. If you plan to grow less than ten or fifteen herbs, you can make it with pots. For more, you should think about finding a nice patch of land in your front or back yard. Keeping track of all those different pots, plant sizes, and herbs would be difficult because you would need to transfer any that have outgrown their pot. In an outdoor garden, the plants should already have enough space to grow and grow. Also, the indoor air circulation with a potted garden will not be as high-quality as that of an outside garden, but you can bring the potted plants outside any time.

Outdoor Herb Garden Advantages

The amount of space you will enjoy with an outdoor herb garden will permit you to explore many, many different types of herbs. You can experiment with unique, exotic herbs that you might not want to spend the money on otherwise. An outdoor herb garden receives a nice amount of oxygen and obviously a good amount of sunlight. As long as it’s in a sunny spot, make you herb garden as large as you would like it. Generally about 20 feet by 4 feet is a good size, but make yours any size.

Outdoor Herb Garden Disadvantages

The harsh elements of the outdoors will threaten your herbs. Weeds, grass, and rocks will not help your herbs to grow well. Harsh heat or cold will disturb them as well as any constant, heavy rain. Animals have been known to enjoy exploring herb gardens and bugs will also find their way there. Finally, you have to walk outside to retrieve your herbs.