Potting vs. Planting Camellia Flowers

Camellia flowers can flourish whether they are potted or planted. You can make tea or enjoy a vase full of cut flowers. There are certain pros and cons with both potting and planting. Below are some helpful tips to help you to make your decision about which will work for you.

Potting Camellias

Potting your camellia flowers has perks as far as you being able to control the climate that it is in at all times. You can keep your flowers wherever you like so that you may enjoy their beauty anywhere. Unfortunately, your camellia can only grow so much in a pot, transferring it may become necessary.

Planting Camellias

Planting camellias in your garden can really liven it up and make it look beautiful. Your camellia will be free to grow as big as possible in the ground. As long as weather permits, watering should not be a major concern. But be sure that the area that you plant it does not get waterlogged, and watch out for infestations.


If you live on the west coast, planted camellias will be perfect for you as they thrive in the climate you live in. For everyone else, it may be best for you to pot your camellias to ensure that the climate they are in is safe.