Power Door Locks vs. Manual Door Locks: Pros and Cons

Power door locks are an improvement of the manual kind. They will normally have the same appearance and are made of similar material as a manual door though they are powered and incorporate automation in their systems. While manual doors require a physical operation to engage the locking device, power door locks will work with a central locking system. Power door locks can be operated using a keyless remote system or a single control point where as manual doors will require use of a key. Most doors will operate as a hybrid which can be operated manually and also by power as you choose.

Power Doors

Power doors are very convenient in that you do not need to go round the car locking each door, and in some cases they will automatically lock when the vehicle achieves certain speeds thus remaining safe in case you forget to lock the doors. They are however more expensive to maintain and will have a fault at one door affecting the whole system. Power doors will sometimes lock by themselves and this can be very frustrating especially if the key or key fob is locked in.

Manual Doors

Manual doors have very little complication and are easily operated. However, this simplicity of the design is also their undoing as they are easily broken into and since they are an old system you may have difficulties finding technicians and parts to fix them. Since you can easily pick the manual car lock, locking your keys inside will not be too much of a problem.