Prayer Plant Propagation Techniques

A prayer plant makes an excellent houseplant because it easy to grow, small and perfect for most window sills. In fact, prayer plants are quite durable and are available in several varieties, each with flat, broad green leaves. Propagate your prayer plants carefully to create several plants from a single mature specimen.

How to Propagate Prayer Plants

It is important to remember that prayer plants are propagated by root division. The root systems of prayer plants can be quite delicate and will require a lot of care and caution when separating them. Furthermore, you should wait until the spring before you begin dividing the roots for propagation as this is the time these plant grow best.

Prayer plants thrive in bright, indirect sunlight and will need a well-drained soil and high humidity to survive. Always keep your soil moist—but not soaked—in order to give your new plants the best chance for survival. To give your new cuttings the best chance for growth, add some moist peat and perlite to the soil mixture as well, and cover the soil with plastic that is ventilated with small holes.