Prefab Garages: Pros and Cons

If you have enough space for a garage in your property, but you haven’t still built one, consider buying a prefab garage. There are several benefits and drawbacks to a ready-made garage.


Prefab garages are available in many different styles, sizes and patterns. You can find almost anything you might want and any type of garage that suits your surroundings and your house. For instance, if the property you have is spatially challenged or weirdly shaped, you can always order the type of garage you want at the size that fits the space.


Prefab garages are much less expensive than those constructed from scratch. You can find the type of garage you want at the fraction of the cost, avoiding the extra problems that usually come with a building. Since you have the chance to choose the materials, designs and finishes, it all depends on your preferences and your budget.

Easy to Construct

Prefab garages come in kits that require you to simply assemble the individual pieces. Wth a little help, you can follow the guidelines of the manual or the manufacturer to put it together in just a few hours.


In general, the prefab garages are much less durable than the traditional ones. Although technology has advanced enough and offers quality prefab buildings, the traditionally built ones are much more durable. Prefab garages come with a simple coating, which means the finish can be worn away by heavy weather conditions and time. If you live in a place where there are major temperature and weather changes, consider how this might affect the material and finish of a prefabricated garage.

Little Customization

While you can customize your order, it will raise the cost of the basic prefab set. Keep in mind that the real reason why this type of garage is so inexpensive is that it’s generic, not customized. When you change the default materials and finishes, you may end up with something that costs more than it is really worth.


Unless you are willing to pay lots of money, the typical prefab garages are not as good looking as the traditionally built ones. Prefab garages can be neat, but they can not compare aesthetically to structures that are built. Of course, if you want to fully customize the garage, you can achieve the aesthetic result you want for a little more cost.