Prefabricated Concrete Garages vs Metal Garage Buildings

Prefabricated concrete garages are a popular option in garage designs. The garage is constructed from precast concrete which is produced in a factory or at a special construction site. The material is then transported to the installation site where it can be easily assembled with minimal labor required. Metal garages are also a common outdoor feature in many homes. They make a good alternative to pre-engineered concrete garages if you prefer a more solid material for your garage. A comparison of both types is given below.

Prefabricated Concrete Garage—Pros

You can erect the garage in less than a day with minimal effort. The ease of installation makes it a good choice if you want a garage in the shortest time possible. Prefabricated concrete structures are amongst the most inexpensive you can select. This is because much of the building process is completed in the factory. This pushes down the labor costs and time involved to assemble the structure at the site. Added to the ease of installation, this makes them all the more attractive and convenient to homeowners. The garages are available in a wide variety of sizes, floor plans, colors and styles. Various architectural forms and textures are possible with prefabricated concrete. This allows you more flexibility in design options. Pre-engineered concrete garages also have low maintenance requirements. They do not rust and aren’t affected by corrosion. This makes them an easier type of outdoor structure to care for.

Prefabricated Concrete Garage—Cons

These garages have a much lower resilience than metal garages. Prefabricated garages also aren’t as durable as those constructed from metal. With time, cracks and chips occur on the structure. If the building isn’t well assembled, the garage is likely to require repairs fairly soon. Weak joints allow moisture and insects into the garage which creates other problems for you.

Metal Garage Buildings Pros

Metal garages have a high impact resistance which gives them higher protection against various forces. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, a metal garage is a good choice. It can withstand environmental forces much better than a pre-engineered concrete garage. Metal garages also have an extremely long life span. Once erected, the structure can last a lifetime and beyond. It has a high resistance to damage and does not easily get dented or suffer cracks. Wear and tear effects on metal garages are generally lower than those on prefabricated concrete garages. Metal garages are also fireproof and have a high resistance to rot. A metal garage building provides a secure storage site for your vehicle, equipment, household tools and other valuable items. Once you install a secure lock, it isn’t easy for burglars to gain entry. Due to its multipurpose aspect and secure nature, a metal garage in your compound adds value to your home.


Construction of a metal garage involves considerable time and effort. This is partly because of the tough, rigid and often heavy nature of metal. It necessitates more complicated processes and a higher level of technical expertise than a prefabricated garage. This contributes to the higher cost of construction for metal garages. Unfortunately, metal outdoor structures are subject to rust and corrosion which increases the maintenance requirements.