Prefabricated Concrete Garages vs Wood Frame Garages

If you want to build a garage on your land, but are not sure if wooden garages are the right way to go, then  you might consider looking at prefabricated concrete garages and wood frame garages. These options offer you the ability to get a an affordable garage that is easy to maintain. Because they both come with some advantages and disadvantages, choosing between them can sometimes be tricky. When you are looking at these types of garage, consider cost, ease of installation, and longevity, as these might help you to decide between them.


Prefabricated concrete garages are often the cheapest option. These are made from sectional panels which are often reinforced by steel. These concrete sectional garages can be bought cheaply, and they are also more likely to be insured for less, as they don't pose the fire-hazard risk of the wood-frame kits.

In addition, wood frame garages will not have the roofing materials such as shingles or corrugated iron panels, which can add to the expense, and you will need to purchase all of those materials as well as the garage kit, meaning that prefabricated concrete garages will cost less for the whole build. Any type of prefabricated garage will be less expensive than fitting a traditional garage, although the latter will add more to the value of the home.

Ease of Installation

Both of these types of garage are relatively easy to install. The wood frame garage can be put up in 2 or 3 days, but you will also have to fit the roof, which will add another day onto the task. The larger the garage, the more complicated the wooden frame will be, so for example a two-floor wooden frame might need to be installed by professionals in order to reduce fire risk and meet building standards.

Prefabricated concrete garages can be installed in a few days, and are much more movable than wooden frames. The wooden frame can be difficult to work with if you are not used to building with wood, so you may find that it takes 5 or even 6 days, while the concrete garage is relatively simple. Both kinds of garage require assistance during installation.

Appearance and Longevity

On the matter of appearance, wood frame garages win hands-down. They often fit into the traditional style of house-building, and can be given a range of colors to suit your needs. Prefabricated concrete garages stick out, and colors are limited, so they resemble any other kind of prefab building.

However, steel and concrete sectional garages are more durable than wood frame builds, as they are not only tougher than the wood frame, but the latter will also need regular refinishing and staining in order to preserve the wood. Wood frame garages are also more prone to fire hazards than the prefabricated concrete garage, which can be significant if you intend to do woodworking or other crafts in the garage.