Pregnancy Concerns with a Heated Car Seat

If you’re pregnant, then you should know all the concerns there are when riding in a car that has a heated car seat. This is because it might be dangerous to both you and your unborn child. A heated car seat might be a danger because it affects fertility in women and in men.

Problems With Heated Car Seats

Some problems may arise when using the heated seats during the later stages of your pregnancy. They include, but are not limited to ovarian cysts, positioning problems for the baby in the womb, overheating of the expectant mother's body, fertility problems in both men and women, and skin to seat contact can cause burns.

Problems with Elevated Body Temperature in a Pregnant Woman

Having your body heat higher than what it should be can propose problems for both the mother and the child. Using the heated seats in a car will raise your body temperature just like if you’re using a heated blanket or pad. It is also recommended that you do not put a warm item on your belly while pregnant. The heat could get to dangerous levels, which may harm the mother and the fetus.

Heating up the vehicle seat to a certain extent will not hurt, just do not overdo it and take precaution when using anything that radiates heat. If you’re unsure of if you’re able to use the heated car seats or not then you should ask your healthcare provider.