Prehung Door

A prehung door is just what it says. When you purchase a prehung door, you are literally purchasing a unit. This door comes complete with the hinges and frame installed. Even the holes for the lockset are pre done. All you have to do then is attach it.

How do I Install a Prehung Door?

Although this is an easy do it yourself type of project, you must follow directions carefully when hanging the prehung door. If the process is not followed thoroughly, the door could rub, be uneven or not close the right way.

Here are the steps you need to follow when installing a prehung door:

  • Make sure the top and bottom are painted. This will ensure your doors will not warp. This is supposed to be done at the factory.
  • Square up the door with the door jamb. This is important so that no gap is too large or one side is not longer where it will rub. It is recommended that you use a 4 foot level.
  • Tack some wood shims on the jamb until it is completely level.
  • Line the door up to the shims
  • Nail it in!