Prehung French Doors Can Cut Remodeling Costs

Pre-hung French doors are ideal for new construction or when your existing frames are damaged. Factors to consider when you are remodeling are cost, difficulty and style. By installing an attractive pre-hung French door you are able to do it yourself to cut down on the cost.


Pre-hung French doors are assembled doors and jambs. The kit includes hinges, knobs and locksets. The mortises are already installed and the knob hole is drilled.

Getting Started

Select a pre-hung French door that is the right size for the rough opening. Clear away the old frame before installation. When hanging a French door you should have help.


Set the pre-hung door and jamb in the opening. For and exterior door put a bead of caulk at the edges and underneath the threshold. Position the door using shims, a square and level. Make sure the door is centered, square and plumb. Nail the pre hung French door into place and recheck to see if it remains square and plumb.

Fill any space between the jamb and opening with insulation. Finish with door casing and caulk for an exterior door.