Premium vs. Cheap Vinyl Siding

Siding on a home.

You need to do your homework when researching cheap vinyl siding vs. more expensive varieties. Purchasing vinyl siding for the home is something that you, as a homeowner, should not take lightly. You need to do your homework before you purchase vinyl siding. There are differences between cheap vinyl siding and premium vinyl siding. These differences are what set the prices. What kind of vinyl siding you purchase is entirely up to you, but your job can be made much easier.

Insulation Properties

Many homes, regardless of age or style, have a tendency to lose a homeowner money due to poor insulation. What this means is that inside walls are not properly packed with insulation, windows are not properly sealed, and holes from utility lines are left with cracks. When you try to heat or cool your home, the boiler or air conditioner unit will work much harder to compensate for lack of insulation. Inexpensive vinyl siding offers a homeowner little or no insulation for the money. More expensive vinyl siding can come with insulation installed as a feature of the siding. It will not completely stop you from losing heating or cooling, but it can drastically improve it.

Cleaning the Siding

Regardless of price, vinyl siding has to be cleaned. It is subject to many elements which can cause an excess of dirt to build up. This excess grime can eat through vinyl siding over time. Being able to use a power washer to clean vinyl siding is important, but cheaper vinyl siding can trap water behind it, which can cause mold and mildew problems to occur. Premium vinyl siding offers a much tighter seal, which will prevent excess water from being trapped behind the panels.

Color Fading

No matter which vinyl siding you purchase, none of them are cheap. Less expensive vinyl is molded from colored vinyl and is not treated with any UV protection chemicals. This means that the longer the vinyl siding is left on, the more likely it is that the color will fade. Expensive vinyl siding can be treated with a UV protection which will keep the vinyl siding's color as it was when you purchased it, and this means you won't have to paint or replace it as soon.

Long-Lasting Installation

Vinyl siding connects via a series of interconnecting tabs. Cheaper made vinyl siding uses all plastic to attach to one another. What this means is that the vinyl siding could easily snap and break with high winds and cause pieces to fall off the home. This weakening can allow more water behind the vinyl siding and give an access point for insects and some animals. More expensive vinyl siding typically consists of a separate metal piece that is protected from the elements. This allows the vinyl siding to maintain its structural integrity for a longer time.