Preparing Land for a New Modular Home

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If you are planning to install a new modular home on your property, you will be responsible for preparing the lot for receipt and eventual construction of the home. Follow these tips to prepare your property for a modular home.

1. Clear the Property

Remove any large boulders, rocks, and stumps from the land where you are planning to install the modular house. You will also need to remove any trees that are located around the house. Also, consider removing trees to provide an easy access road or path to where the house will be delivered.

2. Grade and Compact the Land

Grade the area around the house. Do so for two purposes. First, you need water to drain away from where the house will be located. You need the land where the house will be installed to be level. If you do not have the heavy equipment for this portion of the project, you can either rent the equipment or hire a grading company to complete the work for you.

You should also have the location where the house will be installed compacted. If you are planning to pour a concrete slab foundation, compacting will prevent cracking by reducing shifting and settling of the ground. Even if you are not planning a slab foundation, compacting the ground is strongly recommended for raised foundations. As with grading, this is a task that can be completed by a professional construction company or you can rent the equipment to do it yourself.

A modular home is an attractive alternative for many landowners who seek a less expensive way to build a home. Although the home is delivered ready to assemble, the property owner is still responsible for making sure there is a sewer system, utilities are installed, and that the building meets all local code requirements.