Preparing the Soil for a Blueberry Bush

Plant blueberry bushes in tight rows or beds with good soil and drainage. If you are planning to plant blueberry bushes, it's best to prepare the soil before you plant. The better your soil, the longer your blueberry patch will grow.

Check the Soil's pH Level

Blueberries like well drained, acidic soil with a lot of organic matter with adequate drainage. To prepare your soil, start by testing a sample of your soil for pH factor at your local extension office. The optimal pH level is 4.5 to 5.5. Amend your soil to this level. Test your soil every time you make a change to be sure it is right. Adding peat and compost will fertilize the patch well.

Ensure Adequate Drainage

Be sure the blueberry patch is well drained. Don't plant the patch where the yard puddles every time it rains. Mix some pine needles with the soil to maintain acid content and help with drainage.

Time to plant

Once your soil is prepared, plant several blueberry bushes to fill the patch. Group plants in a bed, or a patch. Place plants in holes ¾ inch deeper than the pot they came in. Keep the soil loose and well fertilized.