Preparing to Install a Keyless Entry Deadbolt

A keyless entry deadbolt can be easily installed in either an existing door with a deadbolt or in a new door as a new deadbolt. The keyless deadbolt can be an excellent answer for families with children who do not want to encumber their children with carrying home keys or take the chance of a key being lost and a stranger gaining access to their home.

Choose Your Lock Code in Advance
Before you install the keyless lock, you should choose a lock code in advance and key it into the lock. Some companies will provide this service for you if you order the lock online. Before you install the deadbolt, make sure that the code you have chosen works and the lock both locks and unlocks. If, for some reason, it does not work then follow the instructions for the lock and try to key in a new code.

Preparing the Door
If the door already has an existing deadbolt, simply remove the deadbolt from the top hole of the door. The new keyless deadbolt will be installed in the top hole and you can install a new lever in the bottom hole that will be left when you completely remove the old deadbolt. Many keyless deadbolt companies recommend installing a lever or oversized door handle so that you can easily open the door immediately after punching in your lock code.

Keyless entry deadbolts are an easy way to address security concerns for homeowners. However, this type of deadbolt is not recommended for overly thick doors or for doors that are intended to be used for emergency exit doors, since it is easy to forget the entry code during an emergency.