Pressed Wood Products

Pressed wood products are any engineered wood products that are made up from various combinations of wood particles and wood fibers which have been mixed with an adhesive and bonded under pressure and heating.

Materials in Pressed Wood Products

In the engineering of pressed wood products, scrap and leftover pieces are turned into wood pieces. Wood chips, shavings, sawmill residue and even sawdust are used to form the base material in pressed wood products. Pressed wood products are called by various more common names; such are particle board, chip board, fiberboard, or hardboard.

These come in varying densities. Hardboard is the hardest of the pressed wood products, particle board is the softest. Medium-density fiberboard falls between these two kind of pressed wood products. Particle board is made of larger chips or pieces of wood than hardboard, and therefore is more apt to break under pressure, so it is the cheapest grade of the various pressed wood products.