Pressure Washer Cleaning Tips for Siding

Siding on a house
  • 1-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-1,000

Pressure washer cleaning is sometimes the only way you can get something completely clean. Using pressure washer cleaning on siding is delicate though. The material directly affects how pressure washer cleaning will be used. The article below will share several tips on how to use pressure washing cleaning.

Never Use the Highest Setting

On many pressure washers, the highest setting is too powerful for most siding. The pressure washer shoots out a concentrated jet of water which strikes the siding with a tremendous force. The force of the water can hit the siding at multiple angles, which can cause fasteners to come loose, and soon, the siding can fly off of the wall.

Having the siding replaced can cost a lot of money. In order to prevent damage from happening to the siding, always use the pressure washer on a medium setting. The stream of water will be just as effective without being overly concentrated.

Wash Down and Not Up

When using a pressure washer, we often want to get as much dirt off the siding as possible by using minimal effort. We consider the pressure washer to be a cure-all for dirt and grime, but doing the job quickly to save time will only lead to the siding being damaged. One of the ways to pressure wash siding is by spraying the water from below the siding.

This means the water will hit the lip of each piece of siding. There is a lot of pressure when you do this, which can dislodge the siding. It will also prevent the siding from getting clean. Pressure washer cleaning siding is best done on a downward angle so that the water cascades down the siding.

Remember the Grooves

You should never use a power washer on its highest setting when you are spraying from the bottom up, but you need to get that area under the lip of the siding. Dirt can easily hide there, and mold along with mildew can also grow. Using a high setting on the pressure washer can cause the siding to come loose.

When this happens, the siding can fall off the wall, or a space will form, allowing water to get to the actual wall of the home and pool, which can cause rotting, mold and mildew. Use a medium setting on the power washer. This will give the same amount of water, a fair amount of pressure, but not the concentration of water that will cause siding panels to fly off the wall.

Keep Materials in Mind

When power washing siding, you need to keep the material in mind. You will be faced with various siding materials, such as metal, vinyl or wood. Wood siding is the easiest to break and dislodge. Metal can rust, so do not power wash them on a regular basis without first cleaning and coating them. Vinyl siding is the most durable, and the only thing you need to worry about is using too high of a pressure.