Pressure Washer Hose Reel

Providing a more effective method for storing a hose, a pressure washer hose reel can also save time when using the machine and reduce any frustration caused by a tangled mess of a hose. Types of pressure washer hose reels include trailer-mounted, wall and hand-carried units. Trailer-mounted reels are very handy with commercial pressure washers used for cleanup at a job site. Wall-mounted reels make home pressure washer hose storage much more manageable, while hand-carried reels are fully portable and can prevent a hose from getting tangled. 

How Hose Reels Work

Pressurized water flows in through the inlet port of a hose reel, cycling through to the outlet port. The main pressure washer hose attaches to this, usually by means of a quick coupler. Thus, when water is flowing into the pump, a hose reel adds to the distance the pressurized water must travel, but it keeps the hose neatly wrapped around it for easy access. 

Hose Reel Specifications

Pressure washer hose reels commonly come in powder-coated and stainless steel designs. Hand-crank, spring-driven, electric and remote controlled reels are available. Industrial-strength hose reels are used commercially. Among the varieties are high-pressure, quick-mount and pivoting reels. Hose reels feature a locking mechanism, an inlet and outlet port, and are capable of storing up to 200 feet of hose.