Pressure Washing Siding: 4 Tips for a Multi-Story House

Pressure washing the siding on your home is a dreaded but necessary chore that every homeowner should do at least once every year. Pressure washing the siding on your home will lengthen its life while keeping it clean. Pressure washing siding comes with it several tips and tricks to make the job easier to accomplish. These tricks differ slightly when dealing with a home that has a split level design where the siding is installed on a house with more than story. The article that follows will share those tips with you.

1. Pressure Washer Power Settings

When you're about to pressure wash siding you need to make sure the setting on the pressure washer is correct. This is probably the most important thing you'll need to remember. The setting you use when pressure washing the siding of the home is dependent on the material of the siding. If a setting is too high then the siding can break or be dislodged from the home. Vinyl siding can withstand more pressure than wood but metal surprisingly is the weakest of the three and can dent. A good rule of thumb is to use a medium setting.

2. Stream Settings

Power washing siding on a multi-level home is more difficult than a standard home. This can be done easiest by choose the right setting for the stream of water. Not all pressure washer units have an ability to select the type of stream to use. The best stream to use on this type of home is a fan setting. This stream of water is narrow near the wand but widens at the end. This covers a larger area of the siding. Other setting can include a steady stream which is tight and full force which can damage some siding materials. Another useful setting is the intermittent or pulse setting. This combines the power of the steady stream with a pulsing motion. This allows you to get rid of the really tough dirt.

3. Direction of Water Stream

When you use a power washer to clean siding you have to keep the direction of the water in mind. How the water flows also hinges on the material the siding is made from. If you are using a strong stream of water, you always want to have the water flowing down the siding. In a multi-level home you will need to get the top level first. The water will cascade down to the other levels. As you clean you will be moving from side to side and gradually moving the wand down. If you are using water power and half or as a fan then you can hit the siding from the bottom of the lip. This will get in the grooves of the siding.

4. Detergent

Depending on how dirty the siding is you can add detergent in some power washers. This will make power washing the siding go smoother as the dirt will be cut through easily. Just remember to rinse off with clean water.